Ankur Jalota

Mobile. PC. Web. I've done it all.

I am a Product Designer with over 15 years of experience. I'm currently based in Los Angeles.

My purpose is to be the voice of users, designing the optimal user experience while also understanding the needs and constraints of the organization. Having a technical background allows me to understand engineering requirements and constraints to guide my design process.

I seek to create attention-efficient designs. This leads me to work on products people use to get work done. This also leads to my desire to work on products that require solving complex problems.

The ideal atmosphere will have an open, transparent, and egalitarian culture, along with a sharp team that builds great products.


• Kareo, Sr. Product Designer (Jan 2019 - present)
• Healthline, Sr. UX Designer (May 2014 - Jan 2017)
• McAfee, Sr. Interaction Designer (July 2011 - July 2013)
• Qualcomm, Sr. Interaction Designer (Sept. 2004 - May 2011)


• Adaptive, I can keep calm and be reassuring to others
• Collaborative, I support people and ideas I believe in
• Divergent, I find it natural to ideate alternate solutions
• Transparent, I'm open and straightforward
• Friendly, I like to bond with my team 


• Interaction Design
• Qualitative User Research (In-person usability studies, surveys)
• Quantitative User Research (A/B testing in Optimizely)
• Wireframes, Flows, and Mock-ups (Sketch, Illustrator, Figma)
• Prototyping (Keynote, Invision, Figma)
• Responsive Web Design
• UI Specifications
• Programming in HTML/CSS (basic level)

LinkedIn - Resume 

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