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McAfee Dashboard

Interaction Design
Qualitative Research (in-person usability testing)

Mcafee had released a new product called “McAfee All Access”, aimed at consumers needing protection for multiple devices. the goals were to:

  • Easy & quick setup of McAfee software across multiple devices
  • Give the consumer a dashboard of security health across devices
  • Ability to lock, locate, and wipe data from devices

My challenge was to create an architecture that would be forward-looking and scalable for future products, and to advertise the benefits of protecting multiple devices and managing them from a single console. After exploring multiple iterations through usability testing, we achieved the design shown here. The design aids in installation of the McAfee software on multiple devices, as well as allowing centralized management.

Released December 2012.


The McAfee dashboard, showing status of multiple devices

McAfee dashboardMcAfee dashboard

Mobile device tab, showing locate, lock, wipe functionality

McAfee mobiletabMcAfee mobiletab

This new design contributed to the product winning PC Editor's Choice two years in a row.

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