Knee Gym

Interaction Design
Qualitative test (in-person study)
Prototyping (Keynote)

People with osteoarthritis need to exercise, but not as rigorous as common exercise apps available in the market. Healthline developed an app for people especially with OA, with guidance from a licensed therapist. The goal was to achieve noticeable results within 4-6 weeks, if the user followed the exercise regimen consistently.

There was an existing app that had already been created and released to the App Store with minimal input from the design team. When I was given this project, I first did a walkthrough of the app and noted obvious issues - too much text, tiny font size, etc. You can see one of the initial screens below. This is a lot of text for an exercise app!

Second, I prepared to do a usability study of the app.



I modified the design to require use of the audio modality - so the user could set the phone down and listen to what exercise should be done. Unlike other exercise apps however, users of this app are handicapped, so the app doesn't auto-advance between different exercises.

After re-designing the app, I created a prototype in Keynote. This prototype was then used in a usability study I conducted. You can see a video of the prototype below.


Users responded positively to the new design in the usability study. I modified all the screens for the app to complete the new design. 

The editorial team then hired a model to demonstrate all the exercises in the app, and managed shooting photos and videos for all the exercises for the app. The app was then released to the App Store.