Drugs: Adding User Reviews

Interaction Design
Quantitative Test (survey)
Qualitative test (in-person study)
Prototyping (InVision)

Healthline, like its competitors and WedMD, provides clinical drug information (i.e. info about pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs). One feature the site was lacking is the ability for users to leave or read reviews from other users about a drug.

Commenting on drugs is not as straightforward as a 5-star rating system like Amazon reviews. To create a meaningful review, we need to know the user's age, gender, how effective it was at resolving symptoms, how many side effects were experienced, etc.

Initially I did competitive analysis of other websites with drug reviews.  I also performed quantitative research, which involved visitors of filling out a survey of what they found valuable in drug reviews by their peers. Next, I created a high-fidelity prototype in Invision. We then recruited three people for an in-person usability study. I moderated the sessions while my project team observed in another room.

The usability study yielded minor refinements, which was then implemented into the next iteration of the design.

You can explore my design process further in the video walkthrough below.

Here is a screenshot for the mobile breakpoint. User commenting was not implemented before I left Healthline, otherwise I would have been eager to share some success metrics here.

Drugs ScreenshotDrugs Screenshot